Earlier today, we had a story explaining the recent claims which link Manchester City to the Allianza Lima right-back Kluivert Aguilar.

The report was made by a Peruvian journalist, who claimed the information was given by a Benfica coach, which was later denied by the Portuguese club.

Still, the story is still a hot topic in the Peruvian press. Even Aguilar himself has been talking about the potential move.

The 16-year-old was interviewed by Ovacion on Sunday, and sounded pretty hopeful that he could be moving to the Premier League champions soon.

“I’m calm and the subject is being seen by my father and my representative. For the moment I’m fine and I take it easy, I only heard the news two days ago, I still have nothing confirmed,” Aguilar told Ovacion.

“I’d like to go to Manchester City, I would be proud to go there because it would represent a whole country, I’m sure they followed me in the South American U17, where I could show more, and maybe they liked my way of playing. It would be a total change for both my family and me. I train and play every moment in order to improve as a footballer.”

With the rumour coming out of a tweet, there are obviously many details which haven’t even been covered so far. One of them is the fact that the player could only move to Europe when he turns 18, which will be in May 2021.

The other issue is a work permit. It’s not clear if Aguilar has an EU passport, and in case he doesn’t, it’s quite unlikely that Manchester City would be able to register him anytime soon.