Manchester City defender Ruben Dias this week took part in WibCast, a podcast made by three Brazilian hosts, one of them being Alex Telles’ sister Helen Telles.

As part of the chat, interviewer Renata Aron pointed out that despite being a young player, the Portugal international speaks quite well and shows a strong mentality which is not usually seen in athletes of his age.

So Dias was asked if he does any kind of work with coaches or psychologists, so he can reach that level of communication and confidence. The Manchester City defender, however, pointed out that this is something that he’s been carrying with him for longer than his professional career.

“I had good influences at home, I was always taught to look for mistakes in myself before looking in others. In the same way that you cultivate a winning culture in a club, you can also do it in a person. Opportunities will come and what makes the difference is whether you’re ready to grab them or not,” said Dias (via Record).

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With Dias saying that last phrase, the interviewers even joked that it could become a motivational Instagram story with subtitles.

The Manchester City player then carried on and claimed that he only sees the club psychologists for other purposes, and his determination certainly shined through in his comments.

“I give more and more importance to the family. But since I was very young, I never saw the fact of talking to a psychologist as a problem that I could have or a fault of mine. I always saw how it is through him that I will destroy everyone, they won’t even see me arrive.”