During the past month, quite a few different outlets have claimed Manchester City are close to signing Fred from Shakhtar Donetsk.

First the Brazilian midfielder was said to have an agreement to join the Sky Blues, and then a deal between the clubs was reported.

With the negotiations for the transfer being pretty clear, this was the main subject of an interview which UOL made with the player this week.

The outlet didn’t even need an introduction to ask the first question, which was about the compliments Fred has received from Pep Guardiola.

“Of course, it’s always good to get compliments,” Fred told UOL. “It’s a sign of acknowledgment, that we are doing a good job, that we are on the right track. Coming from people like Guardiola, now one of the most acknowledged managers in the world, it gives pride. It makes us motivate ourselves even more and continue to do the best in every practice and every game.

“Our team made a great appearance against City for the Champions, which ended with their unbeaten record of more than 30 matches and opened the eyes of many people to our team. We hope now to have other good performances against Roma in the last 16.”

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Asked if he’s already spoken to the Manchester City boss, Fred said: “We met quickly after that game. He praised the match I made, I thanked him and complimented his team. It was all very fast, nothing more. Everything about the compliments he did and the supposed City interest I heard in the press. I try not to worry about it. I let my representatives take care of that part. My focus is on Shakhtar, with whom I have a contract.”

Fred is much compared to Fernandinho, even because the Manchester City player has also played for Shakhtar before making the move to England in 2013. Fred commented on this as well: “Being compared to great players is always an honor. Fernandinho was one of the Brazilians who played for more time here at Shakhtar.

“But we did not have the opportunity to play together. When I arrived in 2013, he had just left. We only met in the Brazilian national team. I play a position in midfield in front of him, who acts more like a first defensive midfielder. He’s a bit more of a marker and I get to attack. He’s a great player, deservedly called up to the national team for some years and already with a World Cup in the baggage.”

Finally asked if he’s ready to leave Ukraine for a more important league, Fred said: “I try to do my best every day here. The future belongs to God. If I have to leave one day, it will happen naturally. I don’t stick to this much. It was Shakhtar who opened the doors for me here in Europe and I am and always will be grateful to the club. Since I got here I get approaches from other big European clubs, but nothing concrete. As I said, I have competent people taking care of my career and I leave it for them to sort.”