As well as looking for a striker, it appears that West Ham are also on the central midfielder market.

The news they were taking a look at Morgan Sanson seems to back this up, but it appears they have their eyes on a cheaper option over in Romania.

The news comes from, who published an article on Monday claiming West Ham are after Darius Olaru, currently at FCSB.

It stated their owner, the rather eccentric Gigi Becali, was asking for €7m; a fee that would see him make a €6.4m profit on his initial €600k expenditure in January 2020 when he bought him from Gaz Metan.

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However, things appear to have changed overnight, with relaying recent quotes from the FCSB owner, who told Antena Sport: “If they pay €10m, I will sell Olaru”.

The 22-year-old has often been used by Anton Petrea this season, making 12 appearances in the league, where he has scored three goals and picked up two assists from midfield.

Something to keep an eye on, because even €10m is half the price Marseille seem to be asking for Sanson, and if Moyes can save a bit of money here and there, he might get himself a better striker.