Harry Kane and Dele Alli rumours have been building in the Spanish press over the past few days, slowly, and some Tottenham fans believe it’s all part of a plan to unsettle the players ahead of Champions League matches against Real Madrid.

That’s almost certainly wide of the mark, at least at this stage. Rumours linking Kane and Alli with moves to Spain have been pushed far more strongly and repeatedly by the English media over the past year, and the Real Madrid leaning press have been quite calm about the recent claims.

Monday’s edition of Sport has Dele Alli and a potential move to Barcelona on their front page. A Catalan newspaper, Sport would like nothing more than for Tottenham to thrash Real Madrid home & away and send the Spanish champions into turmoil.

Kane and Alli are instead caught up in what seems to be open season rumour preparation for next summer. Over the past two days Mundo Deportivo have had Anthony Martial and Antoine Griezmann on their front page, and Sport have gone with Philippe Coutinho and Dele Alli.

‘OBJETIVO DELE ALLI’ shout Sport, and then inside ‘Atentos a Dele Alli’.

The England international is a Coutinho alternative, and Barcelona believe he’d fit the Camp Nou, but it’s pointed out Tottenham are proposing a new contract to keep Alli long term.

Barcelona are following the player’s evolution closely, and Real Madrid interest is touched upon, with Harry Kane also mentioned.

It’s thought Alli could be cheaper than Coutinho, with an estimated price of €150m. A potential upcoming agent change is also rumoured, with it being claimed Jorge Mendes and Mino Raiola have got their eyes on the player, and that could certainly aid a transfer.

Both representatives are said to have promised Alli a huge transfer, with Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United mentioned.

This is all very much laying the ground for future rumours, with Alli one of several being passed around the Catalan press at the moment. There certainly doesn’t seem to be anything concrete for Tottenham to worry about.