Honduran newspaper Diario La Prensa this week features a nice story with Liverpool academy player Keyrol Figueroa, who’s 13 years old.

The striker carries a famous surname in his country, since he’s the son of national team captain Maynor Figueroa.

The 36-year-old, who currently plays for Houston Dynamo, spent a long time in the Premier League and the Championship, where he featured for Wigan Athletic and Hull City.

Keyrol has UK citizenship, making things a lot easier for his career. He seems to be having a very promising start for the Reds, as explained by his mother.

“He’s in U13 and U14 levels. He’s doing well in his matches, last season he scored 90 goals, they put him with the older ones, but he’s learning. That is good for him,” said Sandra Norales. “He has an average of two goals per game, he’s doing incredible things, really.”

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“Maynor made a great career in England, this helps, but Keyrol has achieved what he is today with his own merits and he has a lot to learn. He must know that he has to overcome this name at the top. This is a competition, here it’s not what you did, it’s about doing and now. Playing and playing here you haven’t achieved anything, you simply have talent and nothing else.

“It’s a great experience for him and I hope he takes advantage of it. In the future I hope to see him in some national team.”

Diario de La Prensa reports that Keyrol had played for FC Dallas during his time’s father there, but his potential brought him to Liverpool a year ago. Now it seems like a matter of time until we start seeing his name featuring for the Reds’ youth levels.