After managing to convince Claudio Gomes to choose them over staying at Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City are trying to do the same again, but with a 15-year-old.

The player in question is Kais Najeh, whom Pep Guardiola’s side recently scouted during a Lyon-PSG U15 game played at Camp des Loges.

According to RMC Sport, who are the ones reporting this information, Manchester City were keeping an eye on his progress as well as that of a handful of Lyon youth players as the Premier League club continue to try and bolster their own academy with exciting talent.

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The defender, who was put at left-back for the game, is at a stage in his career where he will need to make a decision come the end of the season of either continuing his adventure at Paris Saint-Germain and sign an ‘aspiring’ contract or move elsewhere.

His entourage are said to be weighing up their options, and the Ligue 1 leaders’ lack of dialogue on the matter is making them question the former of the two routes.

This is, of course, good news for Manchester City, who seem keen to give new recruits detailed plans for their future.

One to certainly keep an eye on.