Manuel Neuer missed Bayern Munich’s 3-1 defeat to Bayer Leverkusen at the weekend, with deputy Sven Ulreich failing to cover himself in glory.

At first, Neuer’s injury was said to be a knock, bruising to a thumb, but the situation now appears more serious than that.

Bild have a big report on the situation, and they say his presence for the Champions League matches against Liverpool could be in danger if the scenario plays out poorly.

The Reds face the Bundesliga champions at Anfield on February 19th, and the away match is on March 13th.

Bild say, according to their information, the goalkeeper ‘suffered an injury of the lateral ligament in right thumb’.

It’s explained the injury is commonly know as ‘ski-thumb’, because ‘skiers often injure themselves when their thumb gets caught in the loop of the ski pole’.

However, there’s a brighter prognosis. It’s not thought the ligament is completely torn, and an x-ray today could confirm that. He can still play, and trained on Sunday, but with a plastic support around the thumb.

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Bayern face Hertha Berlin in the cup on Wednesday, and he’s not been ruled out, but that would be taking a chance, with Bild saying: ‘A gamble would be a risk: As a right-handed person, Neuer must first get used to the throws and catches with the plastic aid in the glove and the pain that is present. And: The tape could completely tear. Problems with movements and permanent pain would be consequences and a use in the round of sixteen against Liverpool could be in danger.’

If the situation is at the worst end of the scale, the ligament is torn and an operation is required, it’s explained Neuer will be out for three months. Should the tear or strain not be serious, but rehabilitation is still needed, then Neuer will be out for three to six weeks.

Both scenarios would see him miss at least the first Liverpool match.

Yet despite Bild covering all bases, it’s still possible Neuer faces Hertha, is fine with the support, and continues to play against Liverpool without any issue.