Bought following their promotion to the Premier League, Steve Mounié didn’t have the greatest of times at Huddersfield Town.

The towering striker scored a few goals here and there, but he failed to have the desired impact, and after three years at the club, he was given the chance to return to France, where he signed for Stade Brestois in the last transfer window.

Already scoring two goals in five appearances, the 26-year-old appears to have settled in nicely in his new environment, but he was asked to look back at his time in England by Afrique Sports, who were keen to find out more about the striker’s feelings towards defending on this side of the Channel and ended up getting a nice anecdote about a Stoke City player.

When pressed about the toughest centre-backs he played against, the former Huddersfield striker named three in particular.

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He said: “It’s hard to tell. I’ve met very solid defenders in the Premier League and in Ligue 1. In Ligue 1, I’d say Thiago Silva. He was among the strongest and he’s sneaky. In the Premier League, there were nasty defenders, defenders you don’t speak about a lot.

“But they were nasty and hurt you like that Stoke City defender who hurt me and I still remember it. His name is Ryan James Shawcross (smiles). He gave me an elbow to the mouth at the start of the game. So, they’re nasty defenders. One of the toughest against who I struggled was Kurt Zouma. He’s hard to play for me because he’s good in the air”.

After all, it’s well known that the Championship is a tougher and rougher league than most, and we’re sure Shawcross was just welcoming him to the second-tier.

Either way, it doesn’t seem like Mounié is holding any particular hard feelings towards the Stoke player, so all is well.