It’s been a while since news about Gabriel Jesus’ renewal with Manchester City started coming out, and it seems the offer is finally on the table.

The report was made by Caio Carrieri from UOL, who claims that the new deal is actually not only about a pay raise.

The story says the current contract, which runs until 2021, will be extended to 2023, and Manchester City will also buy Jesus’ image rights. That will allow the club to commercially use the star more freely, using him in adverts and marketing campaigns to attract more sponsors.

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The pay raise, which is obviously the most attractive part for the player, would be of 40%. UOL reports his salary in Brazilian Reais, saying it will go from to R$1.2m to R$1.7m per month, which is around from £65k to £92k per week.

That sounds very much like it will be after tax, although UOL don’t make that clear.

The Brazilian state that although it’s still not known if the player will accept all the conditions, both parties expect the details to be sorted out before the end of 2017.

Both Manchester City and Gabriel Jesus’ representatives believe the current contract is outdated, since the player signed it when he was just another young South American heading to Europe. Now that he’s made himself a world star, he deserves more.