The dust is settling somewhat on Kamil Jozwiak renewing his contract with Lech Poznan. The Polish club had been very angry with previous developments, and Jozwiak’s agent trying to push through a move to Leeds United.

Leeds had made an offer of €200k, and Jozwiak wanted his club to let him leave during the winter transfer window. With a contract ending in June, Lech were in a difficult situation, but stood firm and rejected the bid, confirming the events publicly and making it clear there’d be no sale.

It was also made public Jozwiak’s agent had asked the club for a minimum game time guarantee in any new contract, something Lech simply couldn’t agree to for any player, let alone a 19 year old who hasn’t really broken through yet.

The turnaround to then get to a renewal was dramatic, and Głos Wielkopolski have tried to clear things up. It’s stated Jozwiak’s agent was so keen on a transfer, he went and found the player a new club, named directly as Leeds United, and then ‘did everything’ to try and make that move happen.

Jozwiak himself is quoted as saying: “It’s a shame that this whole thing got out of control and there was so much turmoil. But all’s well that ends well.”

Głos Wielkopolski say the Leeds United target has gone against the advice of his agent, and instead relied on his father. The Polish media outlet state ‘like any good show it had an amazing ending’ with Jozwiak’s agent barred from Lech’s stadium as the contract was signed, leading to two separate sets of renewal photographs.

Maybe Leeds United had a fortunate escape.