Fabio Borini probably shouldn’t be training in a Merseyside park. At 29-years-of-age he’s got several years of football ahead of him and it’s a surprise he still finds himself without a club, following the end of his short-term Hellas Verona contract.

Specifically wanting to get an opportunity in the UK, the forward has rejected approaches from multiple Serie A clubs. With an English wife, he’s found himself back in Liverpool, and Gazzetta dello Sport asked if he’d tried to train with one of the clubs in the city, just to help keep a good level of fitness.

Borini suggested that had been an idea, but it didn’t go turn out the way he’d have hoped: “I tried to ask Liverpool, I knew it could be a problem for the Reds, I also asked Everton for availability, a little for the past, a little for the security bubble that no one other than staff and players can attend. It was not possible; under normal conditions I would have trained differently.”

Both Everton and Liverpool will likely have been wary of adding a player to their training sessions and Covid-19 bubble, not wanting to take any unnecessary risks. There’s also the inevitable transfer rumours which would have developed had he been seeing with either club.

The pandemic is causing multiple issues for Borini, and even making it harder to train alone: “In my situation, waiting for a right proposal, it’s even more complicated. In a normal context I could have trained on the pitch and in the gym, now I’m trying to adapt, I don’t want to risk catching the virus through carelessness. I avoid the gym, I’d be there all day, but not having the certainty of immunity, I can’t afford to risk it. We are used to having everything available, now it is much more difficult.”

Waiting for a club to sign him, Borini continues training in a park, with Gazzetta saying Watford, Burnley and Swansea City are interested.