Leonardo Bonucci was over the weekend linked to Manchester United by the English media. The Juventus rock has been repeatedly linked with Manchester City throughout the transfer window, so throwing in Manchester United for good measure was always likely.

Turin newspaper Tuttosport have picked up the claims and suggest that Jose Mourinho will never be content, there’s always another player he wants to buy.

As far as Bonucci is concerned, Tuttosport say the message from Juventus is very clear. They’re happy to tell Manchester United, Manchester City, and anyone else who may be interested to forget about it.

Juventus has zero interest in selling Bonucci, and, despite rumours he was on the verge of a move, it seems he’s very content to stay where he is and continue to be a hugely important player for Juventus.

The sale of Paul Pogba to Manchester United is considered a sure thing in the Italian media, so much so the reporting has now changed to what happens next.