West Ham’s Felipe Anderson is one of the many players who left Brazil for Europe without properly succeeding in their home country.

The midfielder, who spent many years at Santos, could never hold a starting spot in the team, getting much criticism from manager Muricy Ramalho at the time.

All those shouts from the former boss on the sidelines are remembered to this day, and now that Felipe Anderson is back to the national team with Muricy Ramalho being a TV pundit, they are meeting again.

Globo Esporte asked Muricy Ramalho to send a message to Felipe Anderson.

The former manager explained that he only demanded so much from the player because there was a lot of potential in him, and says the midfielder has evolved a lot in European football.

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Felipe Anderson was interviewed by Globo Esporte to talk about it, and claimed there are no hard feelings with his former boss.

“I always said that regardless of the demands, he always told me that he demanded because he saw quality. And also always let me play, so I was always thankful, never protested, always tried to listen and learn. Today, I try to reap the fruits of everything he taught me. Great hug, teacher!”

The player has also spoken about the way he plays at West Ham and how could he help at the national team.

“I have always liked to create and make the last pass, but I have played in a more offensive part at West Ham. I am free to come to the middle to seek the game, to participate in the creation, I believe that being able to play in the middle or on the wing can help me. I want to score more goals, but the important thing is always my work for the team.”