Adrien Silva’s father is completely outraged with FIFA’s decision of not allowing the midfielder to play for Leicester City this year.

As officialy stated by the club yesterday, the Foxes’ appeal to register the player as a summer signing was not accepted, as FIFA keep saying the transfer was completed after the deadline.

And right after the statement was made, his father Manuel Silva spoke to Radio Renascença in Portugal, showing how angry he is for the situation.

“I have to accept,” he started saying. “I think the people who have been involved in this are who have to put their hands on the conscience. It’s an unfair situation, completely. It’s frustrating, for only 14 seconds, but what are we going to do? We have to accept and work to be ready on the 1st of January.”

“I’ve already spoken to Adrien and he feels like someone who wants to play and is prevented from playing for 14 second.

“FIFA are a Swiss and cold body. FIFA are more concerned with profits than with the players. In this case, they are not worried about the player’s situation. If it was for a delay of five minutes, we would even admit that we had been wrong. Now, for 14 seconds, when we know how computers work… it’s impressive.”

“But I also understand their position. If they accepted, there are many other cases that have already happened and they would be criticised. I think it’s a completely aberrant thing. It’s really stupid.”

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Regarding Adrien’s place in the World Cup squad, he said: “Mentally, he’s prepared to return. He’s a player who is part of the group and whom the coach relies on. Going back in January, he’ll be ready to get strong in June and in the World Cup.”

There’s another reason why Manuel Silva would be concerned about the situation at Leicester City. As reported by the same outlet, he’s the president of Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Paçô, the club where the midfielder started playing and left when he was 13.

And since they would also get money from the transfer due to the solidarity mechanism, these resources are blocked for now as well.

But Manuel claims he’s not worried about this for now: “True, they haven’t received this money yet and we still do not know how much it will be. What worries the most, at this moment, is the situation of the player. The rest is not the most important.”

Adrien Silva is very much considered a Leicester City player by the Portuguese media, and Sporting, and has been since deadline day.