There was not a lot about Everton in the main quotes from Richarlison’s interview with ESPN Brasil at the weekend.

The Toffees star was invited to the Bola da Vez show, and mostly talked about how things have been going for him in Europe.

The 23-year-old first commented on the friendship he’s built with Neymar, claiming the approach between the two was quite unusual.

“He’s the guy, he was the star of Brazil and we wanted to imitate him. That’s what I said to him the first time I went to the national team there in the United States. I imitated his cut, I had a Santos shirt, so he laughed and we became friends,” Richarlison told ESPN (via UOL).

“I get along very well with Neymar. There on Twitter, I’m the flatterer of him, I’m a big fan. Every time he goes to play in the Champions League I stay in support, I have a great affection, because when he was a guy who appeared at Santos, I was just starting.

“He was doing a live stream, he called me to introduce myself to his fans, he ended up leaking my number, but it’s fine. I changed my sim card.”

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On the social activism he gets involved with on social media, Richarlison claimed it’s important to have some influence on other players.

“I am not one of the most famous, but I manage to generate some visibility. I think that, when I post, it even increases the courage of other players to get involved. That is my intention. I recently posted the question of Manaus and I was able to help, Alisson, Fabinho, Antony called me and we got together to help.”

Richarlison also revealed he’s been dating an English girl, and that’s been making the headlines in the Brazilian media.

“Not in a relationship now. I met an English girl in Portugal. She was lying on the beach. There was a ravine and a pond, a closed place. She jumped up with her glasses on. I was already looking, she was pretty. She jumped and her glasses sank. Then, I jumped back to look for the glasses and that’s how I met her.

“There in the ravine, I gave a peck and asked for her Instagram. She didn’t know who I was. Her brother recognised me. Right there we exchanged contacts. And she said she lived here in Liverpool, that’s it. I already know her mother, who brings her here at home.”

At the end of the last week, before the interview was aired, ESPN Brasil had already released a few quotes from the Everton star.

In that part of the chat, he claimed he wishes to play the Copa America and the Olympics this summer. Even though the Toffees don’t want to let him go to two different tournaments, he’s said he’ll speak to the club about it.