Don Balon don’t need any encouragement to link Marcus Rashford to Real Madrid, they’ve done it before.

The Spanish imagirumour website have linked so many players to Real Madrid that they must almost certainly forget some of them.

Claims this week in England of Rashford potentially leaving Manchester United should Jose Mourinho remain as manager have provided a boost that wasn’t needed, encouragement where it would never be asked for, and sent Don Balon off on one.

Jose Mouringo’s ‘attitude’ is said to be sending Rashford to Real Madrid, and he’ll be received with ‘open arms’ by the Spanish club.

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The 20 year old doesn’t immediately jump out as a Galactico type signing, but Don Balon reckon Florentino Perez has a ‘great obsession’ to sign the player and conduct a ‘revolution’ at Real Madrid.

The Manchester United youngster would be perfect to make Real Madrid ‘absolutely fearsome’, so say Don Balon.

When this all makes its way through to the English media, you’ll know where it started.