Former Netherlands international Danny Blind has insisted he was not attacking Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with his recent comments on him.

Blind found himself being reported on by the English media of late when comments he made to Ziggo Sport found themselves in several English newspapers.

While analysing Manchester United’s draw with Everton before the international break, Blind questioned the tactics employed by Solskjaer in the game and the manner in which they were playing.

These comments found their way to England where, Voetbal Zone explain, the likes of the Daily Mirror spoke of a ‘savage attack’ while the Manchester Evening News said Blind had ‘brutally mocked’ Solskjaer.

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This is all apparently news to Blind, who appeared again on Ziggo Sport this weekend and insisted not only have his comments been taken out of context but that there was no attack on Manchester United or their manager in them.

“I read it on a Dutch website, but I have not spoken to anyone from the English press. I have spoken here,” he said told host Wytse van de Goot.

“I did my job as an analyst at the match between Manchester United and Everton.

“I think as an analyst I am someone who stays close to the facts and to what I see. I said that then, but that was absolutely no attack on Solskjaer.

“In fact, I said that Manchester United chose Solskjaer and then they should give him time.

“But in that match, not everything went right; that has to be said as well.”