With two goals scored against Wolverhampton Wanderers and one step closer to the Premier League title, Gabrel Jesus can’t hide his satisfaction with Manchester City’s campaign.

The striker was interviewed by ESPN Brasil this week, and talked about the factors which have been making his side so good for the past few months.

It counts a lot the quality that we have in training, in structure; then, there is constant fighting in training, a big group, full of good players,” Gabriel Jesus told ESPN Brasil.

“Everyone wants to play, so when they go out on the pitch, they want to show, want to help, want to do something to deserve to play another game. Then, there’s also the one who manages the team, which is the coach, who is very intelligent. He’s very intense, always wants to win, that counts a lot and keeps all players alert to be able to play and win the games.”

Asked if anything has changed in the way Pep Guardiola works, Gabriel Jesus reveals that the Catalan manager has been treating the squad differently this season.

“It changed. I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s because of the pandemic, constant testing, mask, restrictions… I think that may have changed a little bit. Today, there are less videos, he doesn’t talk so much, but the intensity and the will to win is the same. It hasn’t changed. He’s always attentive, communicative on days of games and training.”

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The Brazilian also explained that they don’t always understand when Pep Guardiola lines up the team with no centre-forwards, even though the manager ends up being proved right.

“There were times when Kun and I stayed on the bench and Bernardo played. I don’t lie. Obviously, we don’t understand much, and then we understand. We win the games. So I’m happy with the victory. Obviously I want to be helping, I want to be on the pitch. But the team winning is what matters.”

Since his finishing skills have been a subject in one of Pep Guardiola’s latest press conferences, Gabriel Jesus now talked about it as well, claiming his improvement really happens in official matches.

“I think it improves in training, but the truth is that it improves at the time. You have three or four seconds to decide quickly. Not even that. You have a second to decide the move. If you think about it, it’s gone.”

Gabriel Jesus has 11 goals and three assists in 27 appearances for Manchester City this season. The 23-year-old has already won eight trophies with the club.