Don Balon seem to have dropped their Gareth Bale returning to Tottenham obsession, and have now moved on to Luka Modric returning to the Premier League club.

On Wednesday, the Spanish imagirumour website claimed Modric has a ‘dizzying’ offer from Tottenham.

Not only is the offer ‘dizzying’ it’s also said to be ‘beastly’.

Spurs’ proposal is ‘on the table’ and Modric is said to be seriously considering leaving Real Madrid after a very successful period with the club.

Just in case the Croatian goes, Florentino Perez has a man in mind to replace him, and that’s Bayern Munich’s Thiago Alcantara.

On Thursday, Don Balon carry the story on. 

It’s claimed Modric wants to continue with Real Madrid but only if he gets guarantees about being ‘untouchable’ in the team. Regardless, the Champions League winners have started the hunt for the ‘new Modric’.

Unusually for Don Balon, there’s no claim yet of a transfer fee. Modric turns 33 years of age in September and has a contract with Real Madrid until 2022.

If we pretend that the claims are correct, then how much would Spurs really be prepared to offer? Even €30m seems a stretch.

No, Modric is fine where he is and it doesn’t seem in anyone’s interests for the player to move. But try telling Don Balon that.