It’s Hector Bellerin to Barcelona time again and this time it’s mainly Sport pushing the idea rather than Mundo Deportivo. The two Catalan newspaper have turned around so many times on Bellerin that they must be dizzy.

When the fullback extended his contract with Arsenal and made comments about having no interest in a Barcelona return, the Catalan stance was that Bellerin hadn’t been wanted anyway and had burned his bridges on a potential future move.

It’s no surprise that it’s all changed again. Sport are going big on Bellerin to Barcelona in their Tuesday edition, with the Arsenal player getting the front cover and then a double page spread.

Sport reckon Bellerin would cost Barcelona €40m and be the answer to all the club’s problems at right back. Whilst Sergi Roberto remains the hero of the hour, there’s an almost desperation in the Catalan media for Barca to get a top right back.

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Previously Sport had believed Barcelona could get 21 year old Bellerin for around €35m, but despite them believing he’s not had a great season they accept a new contract means a price rise to €40m.

Many Arsenal fans would still believe that figure to be too low for a young player who could provide so much to a club over the next decade.

The Barcelona board have decided that after Easter will be a good time to speak to Arsenal, and Sport say: ‘In principle, the appointment with Richard Low, director of operations of Arsenal, is scheduled for the end of April.’

After a little scratching of heads, the assumption is they mean Dick Law.