When Watford signed João Pedro from Fluminense at the end of the last year, it was a good idea to leave him in Brazil, where he had been doing pretty well.

But there’s been some dramatic change in the past month, with it becoming clear that the Hornets should bring him to England as soon as possible.

Outlet Lance has a piece about, reporting that the 18-year-old was booed during the home game against Bahia this weekend.

Although some fans at the stadium and on social media made a quick reaction showing support for him, it’s clear that João Pedro is not going through a great time at the Rio de Janeiro side.

Despite his meteoric start scoring important goals, the striker now hasn’t found the net in his last eight games, even after playing 90 minutes in all of them.

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Lance recalls that João Pedro has been targeted by Fluminense fans lately. He was first approached in a restaurant last month, with supporters asking for more dedication, and was later criticised for being at a music festival with his girlfriend.

The outlet writes that Fluminense tried to hold the player for at least six more months, but now that he’s turned 18, Watford are taking him to England as soon as the Brazilian league ends in December.