In the past couple of days, we’ve been seeing a few reports from the Italian media claiming Romelu Lukaku’s dissatisfaction at Chelsea could lead him to an early exit from the club.

It was pointed out that Inter Milan are a potential destination for him, who’s never hidden his love for his time with the Nerazzurri, and would even take a pay-cut to do so.

However, a story from Calciomercato now comes up with a different view on all this.

The outlet claims there are no confirmations about these rumours, as ‘no one has ever talked’ about the possibility of his return to Inter Milan.

It’s said ‘denials rain down’ regarding this subject, as Lukaku is first said to be focused on the rest of season at the Blues, where he wants to ‘impose himself’.

Even if the chance of a move to Inter Milan was real, there’d be the huge problem with his salary.

Lukaku reportedly makes €14m per season at Chelsea, and ‘it’s not very concrete that the striker can significantly reduce the salary’, because according to Calciomercato, Inter Milan’s top wages are of €6-7m, and that would be quite the pay cut.