There’s a backlash building against Julian Börner at Arminia Bielefeld.

On Thursday it was reported in Germany that the defender had gone back on a verbal agreement to extend his contract with the club, and would be leaving for a Championship side as a free agent.

It didn’t take long for the German media to reveal the club is Sheffield Wednesday, and it was clear they were presenting it as a done deal, a signed contract.

That continues today, with Westfalen Blatt saying Börner has ‘signed a contract with the English second division club Sheffield Wednesday’.

Arminia Bielefeld’s manager today held a press conference, and a major topic was his captain deciding to leave after everyone thought he would be staying.

Uwe Neuhaus isn’t happy, and is quoted as saying: “I was very surprised and of course deeply disappointed. During this time, I have been working very hard for him to extend the contract.”

The coach had been ‘totally sure’ his player would sign the renewal.

Börner is clearly being portrayed as the bad guy, but until a contract is signed there’s always the chance of a change.

If the 28 year old had snapped a cruciate in training and faced a year out, would Arminia Bielefeld have stuck to the agreement? Probably not, at least not at the terms agreed.