Since the January transfer window there’s been sporadic claims from Spain that Vicente Guaita to Crystal Palace isn’t quite as done as the London club would have everyone believe.

First a relegation clause was claimed, meaning Guaita could back out of the free-agent deal if Palace failed to retain their Premier League status. Then the deal was presented as unsigned, completely the opposite to what Roy Hodgson has publicly made clear.

Tuesday’s edition of Marca, thankfully, doesn’t mention any of that and works on the assumption Guaita will be moving to the Premier League.

Getafe therefore need to find themselves a replacement and the club’s manager José Bordalás is working on it.

Betis’ Antonio Adan, Espanyol’s (on loan at Malaga) Roberto Jiménez and Alaves’ Fernando Pacheco are named as candidates. Getafe have known for months that Guaita was leaving so one would hope they’ve not only just begun their consideration.

The 31 year old goalkeeper wanted to move to Crystal Palace in the winter window, but Getafe stood in his way and even if Selhurst Park wasn’t going to be the destination, a transfer was always on the cards.