The Brazilian League title was decided last night, as Atlético-MG ended their long drought and lifted the trophy after fifty years.

So in a column in Folha de São Paulo today, journalist Paulo Vinícius Coelho wonders about the league’s future, as the Galo seem to have a well-structured future now that they count on their support of rich businessmen to pay for a top team.

And it turns out that when speaking about another club from Belo Horizonte, PVC hints that América-MG could soon have a partnership with Premier League side Crystal Palace.

He says the club are close to agreeing a deal with a North American businessman who is a partner of the Selhurst Park side, without naming him. And the idea ‘seems to be’ finding young talents in Brazil and taking them to Europe.

With his piece talking about many other clubs, that’s all he says on his issue for now. But that’s definitely something to keep an eye on, as this could be a fruitful plan for Crystal Palace.

Even though América-MG aren’t one of the biggest clubs in Brazil, they’ve been stable in the first division and often show up with good talents. The club is where Everton star Richarlison made his professional debut.