Brazilian side Fluminense are once again having trouble with Brazilian courts due to Richarlison’s transfers to Watford and Everton.

This time they’re being sued by Real Noroeste Capixaba Futebol Clube, who claim they’ve not received a penny from the Rio de Janeiro side from either of the transfers, according to Lance.

Real Noroeste was Richarlison’s first club in Espírito Santo, which he joined at the age of 15, before moving to América-MG and then Fluminense.

They were supposed to make R$ 6.080.074,28 (around £1.29m) from the Watford transfer, plus R$ 4.460.000,00 from the Everton transfer, which is a big deal for a non league club.

Now the court has decided that Fluminense will have their bank accounts blocked from any income our outgoings until they pay their debt. The club are also forbidden from signing or selling players.

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Real Noroeste’s lawyer Maylton Quevedez has spoken to Lance about the matter, saying that América-MG are also suing Fluminense for the same reason.

“Fluminense are dodging all the ways to pay this remaining amount,” said the lawyer. “We have brought justice to receive this value. That is why the judge granted what we asked for. Fluminense do not want to try to reach a solution. The athlete was sold once again to Everton, Fluminense already took another R$17 million… America-MG already asked in Belo Horizonte for the block of values in question as well. We made a more drastic request to see if it drives Fluminense to pay.”

Besides Richarlison, Watford have also signed João Pedro from Fluminense, who’s joining the Hornets next year once he turns 18.