Considering everyone on Ajax Amsterdam’s side made it clear that Steven Bergwijn was a target for the Dutch club in the January transfer window, the idea that they will come back for the Tottenham forward in the summer is a logical one.

SoccerNews in the Netherlands emphasise that on Monday by looking at the Eredivisie leaders’ situation at the moment, where the squad doesn’t really have an alternative to Dusan Tadic.

While the 33-year-old might have 11 goals and 18 assists in 34 appearances this season, if he plays badly, Erik Ten Hag doesn’t really have anyone to bring on in his stead, which was exemplified in the 3-2 win against RKC Waalwijk at the weekend.

Yes, he scored, but it was from the spot, and ‘in the moment that Tadic is not in the game, there is currently no alternative at hand where the manager can say with some certainty that the player also delivers what he comes on the pitch for’, which is to play better than the Serbia international.

This is why, ‘with a player of Bergwijn’s calibre, that chance is much greater than with a talent such as Mohamed Daramy or Amourricho van Axel Dongen’, and the reason why Ten Hag previously referred to Bergwijn as a ‘championship guarantee’.

Plus, ‘in addition, stronger competition also ensures better performance by Tadic himself, who now seems to have a kind of exclusive right to the left wing’.

That’s why, regardless of whether the Serbian stays or goes, SoccerNews state that ‘Ajax will undoubtedly knock on Tottenham Hotspur’s door again next summer to discuss Bergwijn’s transfer options’.

As was the case in January, it will likely all come down to convincing Daniel Levy and Fabio Paratici with the right amount of money, as despite Antonio Conte’s sporadic use of the player, his future does seem somewhere other than Spurs.