Chelsea have been linked to Alex Sandro from Juventus for a while, with the rumours getting stronger after their competitors Manchester City signed other options.

The gossip had a big boost this week, with news from the English press saying the club would try to sign the player as a gift to Antonio Conte, and the report made quite a big noise in Italy and Brazil.

And it turns out that Turin newspaper Tuttosport has an interesting story about players contracts today, with good and bad news for Chelsea.

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The bad news is they’re claiming Autumn is the time for contract renewals, and even though Alex Sandro has a deal running until 2020, he’s one of Juventus’ priorities, alongside Giorgio Chiellini.

But there’s a detail in the story, which isn’t even about Alex Sandro, that should favour Chelsea. When talking about the free agent players who the Old Lady could try next summer, Tuttosport claims that the club has no condition to fight Premier League sides in terms of salaries.

So if they can’t compete when signing new players, it should be the same situation with the current squad, and that’s definitely a card that Chelsea can play if they go for Alex Sandro.

But the Blues better hurry up, because a brand new contract is about to be offered, and that could make things more complicated.