Even though Newcastle United’s pursuit for Sven Botman had been on for a long time, it was the Italian press who had many stories about the defender, since Milan had also been interested in signing him as well.

Now that the Magpies are about to make the transfer official, it’s time for those close to the Rossoneri club to wonder what went wrong in their chase, since they were supposed to be a more attractive destination than the Magpies.

So today, website Milan News managed an interview with former Tottenham and Celtic defender Ramon Vega.

They asked him several questions about the transfer market, and one of them was if money ‘played a decisive role’ for the player to sign for Newcastle instead of Milan.

Vega ended up agreeing with the outlet, and even pointed out that the Rossoneri ended up making a good choice by not joining Newcastle in such an ‘auction’ for the player.

“I think yes. In the end, money always makes a difference in football”, said Vega (via Milan News).

“Then I congratulate the new owners of Milan. Even if they are rich, they did well not to participate in auctions, with Botman’s money you can buy two or three players. That said, I’m convinced that money undoubtedly made a difference in Botman’s choice. With the former owner of the Magpies, Mike Ashley, instead of the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, he would never have gone there.”

“In my view, both the French club and their agents convinced him to accept Newcastle because Milan were not ready due to the change of ownership. I repeat, in the end the choice was dictated by money, in England he will earn more. But I don’t think he’s super happy with the decision he made. Money is important but it’s not everything. And if you are not happy you cannot perform as you would like.”