Even though Manchester City have won the Premier League title in advance, things don’t look so good in the squad. There’s a problem in the dressing room that must be fixed as soon as possible.

The issue is Bernardo Silva’s dressing style.

In a very funny story this Thursday, ESPN Brasil explained how the Brazilians in Manchester City’s squad have been picking on Silva for the clothes he wears.

“Not only Brazilians, everyone. Everyone plays with me. The truth is that I dress a little differently from them. And they’re always joking with me,” Bernardo Silva told João Castelo Branco, from ESPN Brasil.

Danilo has confirmed the story: “It’s true. Bernardo has a slightly different style. A little old-fashioned. But what matters is that he is a good ‘gajo’, as they say in Portugal.”

Fernandinho couldn’t defend him either: “Just so you get an idea, yesterday he went to train in his pyjamas. By that you may already have a notion. A teammate coming to training in pyjamas is the height of absurdity.”

“He is an exceptional player who has helped us a lot, showed his value on the pitch. A player who ended up making a difference for us in several games. But his style off the pitch leaves a little to be desired. I even joked with the boys, if he played in Brazil, he would have his clothes hanging all day in the locker room, because his style is very weak.”

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Even Gabriel Jesus, who looks like a quiet boy, keeps demanding better clothes from the midfielder: “Look, I’m beginning to believe that he wears those clothes to make the people angry, to be able to make fun of him. Because it’s not possible.

“We say ‘Bernardo, you’re 23, young, you’re wearing clothes like that, of old people. Not old, but those social clothes to go to training?’ Then we’ll pick on him.”

Goalkeeper Ederson is another one who’s not a big fan of Bernardo’s style: “Hey, the clothes he wears, he’s messing around. It looks like old man clothes, with all respect. But Bernardo is a very good person, we like him very much, if he didn’t like him, we wouldn’t joke with him.”

Now the reason why Bernardo takes all the jokes with a smile is because he loves having the Brazilian guys by his side at the club.

“Yes, I get along very well with them, it’s true. Language is also easier. We have always been getting along very well, because we are very close, we are very similar. Danilo has been through Portugal, Ederson has been through Portugal, Fernandinho, Gabriel Jesus… everyone is very cool. It’s a pleasure to be with them every day. It’s a job we love to do and have a great time.

“Worst style? Danilo’s socks. Horrible socks. Socks with dolls. Ederson, very bad too. Gabriel, Gabriel is fine. Fernandinho is good as well.”