In a quite unusual story from Sweden today, the country’s Prime Minister has been talking about his love for Tottenham Hotspur.

On Tuesday, We Were Kings podcast talked about Spurs’ 1990/91 season, and Stefan Löfven was invited to chat about the London side.

The Prime Minister started by explaining how he began following the Premier League club.

“It started about when Tipsextra came to Sweden, then we watched different matches and I thought Tottenham played very good football,” said Löfven (via Aftonbladet).

“Since then, it has grown over the years, but it was a long time since we won, you could say that.”

Even though Löfven obviously has a very busy schedule, he says he does his best to see as many Spurs games as possible.

“It’s not that I can follow as I would like to follow, but I follow quite closely, I read their website and watch as many matches as I can.”

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Sweden’s Prime Minister even told a funny story about the time a bodyguard thought there was something urgent going on, but it was just celebrations during a Tottenham match.

“I really live it and I get angry and sad about losses, I actually do. Last season I saw a match against Manchester United, then United scored a penalty after just a couple of minutes – then I felt how my shoulders collapsed, but then we equalised and we won 6-1. 

“Then, when we won, I stood up and shouted straight out, it resulted in a bodyguard coming running. I was sitting at Harpsund and a bodyguard came running and said: ‘Are you okay, Stefan?’. ‘Yes, it’s okay, Tottenham have scored, it’s all right.'”

To Löfven’s joy, Tottenham currently lead the Premier League table with three wins after three matches, something no other club managed to do this season. Following the end of the international break, Nuno Espírito Santo’s side now go to south London to play Crystal Palace a Selhurst Park on Saturday.