Thomas Vermaelen is a very good defender and an excellent footballer generally.

The problem for much of the player’s career has been his injuries. There’s a very long list of issues the Barcelona squad member has had, and now there’s another line on it.

Catalan newspaper Sport report that around the same time Samuel Umtiti received a medical discharged, Barcelona announced a new injury for Vermaelen.

This time it’s a problem with the player’s right calf, and Sport explain it’s a real shame because when he gets the chance to show what he can do, the Belgian international usually leaves a good impression.

Since he arrived at Barcelona, Vermaelen has spent more time injured than available to the coaches, say Sport, and that’s a blow given his ‘talent and experience’.

It’s explained the 33 year old has had 12 injuries since he joined the Catalan club, and a total of 24 in the past 12 years, taking into account his time at Arsenal and Roma.

In 38 games so far this season, he’s appeared in 11, was on the bench for five, not in the squad for seven, and unavailable completely for 15.