La Repubblica Paul Pogba July 13thFor a story that produces such a large amount of articles on a daily basis, Paul Pogba to Manchester United really isn’t moving enough for our liking.

Everyday it’s pretty much the same thing, with a back and forth swing from “he will sign for United” to “Juventus will never let him go” as consistent as Arsenal fans winning online polls.

Today is no different, but the source it comes from is an interesting one.

Not exactly transfer window fanatics like most of their Italian brethren, La Repubblica have a big article about the potential sorry future of Serie A, and the Juventus midfielder is the centre of attention.

In their Wednesday edition, the respected Italian newspaper lament the prospect of Gonzalo Higuain, Pogba and Radja Nainggolan potentially leaving their league, and they claim Juventus would be ready to let Pogba go if the right offer was made.

They state that if Manchester United were to make an official bid of €123m (£102.6m) for the 22-year-old, Juventus would sell him.

Why €123m and not €120m is beyond us, but La Repubblica seem quite adamant about this. Maybe it’s the magic £100m figure, with sterling being seen as ‘the’ currency to break the 100m mark in, but now dropping so quickly that the price already converts to £102.6m.

It seems that, as things stand, the ball is fully in José Mourinho’s and Ed Woodward’s court. And then tomorrow it will be in Paul Pogba’s, as is the way.