Las Provincias report Cheick Doukouré’s options for a winter transfer are reducing.

The Levante midfielder has seen the transfer options of Aston Villa and Getafe become ‘practically discarded’ in the ‘past few hours’. Remaining as possibilities are Rayo Vallecano and Malaga, according to the report.

It’s explained negotiations with Aston Villa had at one stage been ‘on track’ but things then took a turn negatively. The Championship club have changed targets and Las Provincias say they’ve moved on from the Levante player to a central midfielder in the French leagues.

There’s no claim of who that player is, but Aston Villa have been linked with several French targets in recent months.

Le Havre’s Harold Moukoudi has been the latest, however, he’s a central defender.

This is all bad news for Levante’s chances of creating a mini auction for their player, and also a blow for Doukouré himself if he was keen on a move to English football.