On Monday, we covered a claim from over the weekend regarding Arsenal and a potential move to sign Alvaro Morata.

The Spaniard was reportedly a late target for the Gunners in January as they sought a new striker following their failures to secure the services of Dusan Vlahovic, but a transfer never took place.

That could change in the summer, however, as Corriere dello Sport continue to push the idea that Arsenal are keen on the Juventus striker, currently on loan in Turin from Atlético Madrid.

In fact, the article on Monday suggested a €30m offer had already been made by Mikel Arteta’s side, and the player was more than happy to work with his compatriot at the Emirates.

Tuesday’s edition of Corriere dello Sport reminds their readers that Arsenal are still there, hovering and waiting for the right time to strike.

That’s because Juventus aren’t prepared to pay the pre-agreed €35m to make the move permanent, and are seeking a discount from the La Liga side.

However, that’s not something Atlético seem ready to agree to, and Arsenal are reportedly ‘behind the wall’ put up by the Spanish club when it comes to a discount, suggesting they are ready to pay close to the full price for the striker.

This falls in line with the idea of a €30m offer being made, as the Gunners appear to have snuck around the defences with their bigger wallet.