Mustafi Marca August 16thSome good news comes from Marca on Tuesday morning for Arsenal fans, although it’s not news of an actual acceptable Shkodran Mustafi bid.

Marca believe that Mustafi is now on the ‘exit ramp’ of Valencia, and could leave ‘in the coming hours’. A transfer is looking very possible indeed, and they have something which they feel backs it up.

Roberto Soriano has just signed for Villarreal from Sampdoria, and he’s friends with Mustafi. The pair, both born in Germany, were together at the Italian club and Soriano had hoped Mustafi would help him settle into life in Spain.

Marca quote the midfielder as saying: “I was hoping Mustafi would help me adapt to life in Spain… and now he goes.”

The figure of a possible €33m move, as Marca say has been reported in England, is felt to be enough for Valencia. But Arsenal actually have to offer that, or something close enough, for this to move forward.