Spanish outlet El Periodico de Aragon today brings an interesting story on the arrival of Mateo Mejía to Manchester United.

The youngster is said to have been in Manchester since the start of July, and should soon be sign a contract with the club.

Mejía’s departure from Real Zaragoza was first reported on last month, with the Spanish club releasing an official statement saying there’d been no talks with Manchester United and no agreement had been reached.

El Periodico de Aragon believe there’s now a good likelihood the clubs can come to an agreement, which would see a low payment and perhaps with some future bonuses for Zaragoza.

If no agreement can be found then Manchester United will have to pay training compensation as dictated by UEFA.

His departure is said to be pretty much done.

It’s claimed that Manchester United had been following the 16-year-old for a long time, and Arsenal wanted him as well. Since the player wants to leave and he doesn’t have a contract, it’s said Zaragoza will have to accept the transfer with not much of a say.

The club see it as a big loss, Mejía, who operates as a winger, scored more than 50 goals in the youth divisions last season.