Since Raúl Jiménez joined Wolverhampton Wanderers and had a quick impact at the club, the Mexican media has been celebrating his success in the Premier League.

Local outlets give big coverage to the striker’s time at the Molineux, and often write stories wondering if he deserves moving to a club who’d fight for more titles in Europe.

That’s why it’s quite weird to see the Mexican media today and find out there are stories linking Raúl Jiménez with a move to Boca Juniors.

The rumours are started by Pasión Futebol, and there’s a reason for that. At the weekend, the Wolves star posted an Instagram story supporting TS Warrior Player, a gaming company owned by his former Benfica teammate Eduardo Salvio.

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Salvio currently plays for Boca Juniors, and that was enough for Pasion Futbol to have a lot to write. Their headline goes as: “This is the intimate relationship that Raúl Jiménez has with Boca Jr. Will he leave Wolverhampton?”

The report describes Jiménez’s friendship with Salvio, explaining why the striker made the post, and in a final paragraph, they bring it all together.

“Everything indicates that the Argentine player and Rául Jiménez continue to maintain a fairly close relationship, which opens up possibilities for Raúl to leave Wolverhampton. Would it be possible?”

This is the type of transfer rumour which stands out for how bizarre it is, although it’s always worth dismissing it before it gets bigger in the local media.

After joining his teammates in training last week, Raúl Jiménez is now in the final stages of recovery from his head injury, clearly looking forward to continuing having a great career in European football.