West Ham star Felipe Anderson has given an interview to Escape Cast this week, mostly talking about his adaptation to Europe.

This is probably the first time we’ve covered an interview conducted by a place of learning (It’s a language school in London), but still, they managed to take some interesting quotes from the Brazilian.

The interviewer mentioned that she often see children in London wearing West Ham shirts with Felipe Anderson’s name on the back, and the player talked about how important this is for a footballer.

“I’ve seen it many times. And I always thank God, because I had a dream of having a club shirt when I was little, of my idol. So seeing a child with my name, my number, of the team I play, is rewarding,” Felipe Anderson said.

“This I always take to motivate myself. To always want more. Because they always go to the stadium and it’s bad when we lose, because they get sad. So we always get motivated when the child comes to the stadium too. We know we have to focus on the game, but the preparation is always knowing that there are a lot of people supporting, there are children who call us an idol. So this always motivates us to give the best in our career.”

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On his career goals, Felipe Anderson claimed he can only think of winning matches with West Ham for now.

“As I always say in my interviews, of course I have a dream that is big, which is to play a World Cup, to be with my country, to win an important championship. But I always focus on the season. Now with West Ham we’re trying to win as many games as possible, we’re playing well, we started well this season. So the short term goal now is to do the best with West Ham, always putting West Ham up the table.”

Felipe Anderson was interviewed by a Brazilian and an Italian, so most of the chat was about his time in Roma. He even blindfolded and ask to taste and name several Italian dishes, and he ended up getting all of them right.

And when speaking of Lazio fans, he talked about the affection he used to get in Rome, saying he plans to go back there someday.

“I felt very much at home. Even when they criticised me, I felt that it was with love, that they liked me, that they wanted to see more of me. So you feel it. My family felt it. We always think of returning to Italy. But in football we never know. So we’re focused here now. But it sure is a place that is in our heart, in the heart of my family, we love Italy.”