Juan Foyth is still not a PSG player.

Despite being on the verge of a transfer to the French club for a while, and despite Estudiantes publicly confirming they’d agreed a fee with PSG, Foyth remains in Argentina.

Various things have been blamed for this.

In France the player’s agent has got some of the blame, but in Argentina Tottenham Hotspur keep popping.

For El Dia, Foyth wanting to sign for Tottenham instead is no longer a side note in the drama… it is the drama.

The Argentine newspaper’s Tuesday edition shouts out ‘Paris or London?’, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that if it’s down to Foyth himself, the answer is London, Tottenham, and Mauricio Pochettino.

El Dia say Tottenham ‘regain ground in the past few hours’ to sign Foyth, and that’s down to the player’s desire.

A move to PSG has ‘entered stagnation’, and Tottenham are presented as being ready to fill the gap.

‘Tottenham could refloat the old offer made long ago’, say El Dia, and that would please Foyth.

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The young defender has ‘several reasons’ for wanting to join Tottenham and move to the Premier League, say El Dia.

One of those is that Mauricio Pochettino called him during the negotiations and Foyth was left convinced of a potential role at Tottenham, more so than at PSG.

In theory, it’s even explained that Juan Sebastián Verón could return to London to go through more talks with Tottenham. The original offer from Spurs was less than from PSG, with worse payment terms, but could start to look more attractive.

El Dia round it off by saying ‘For now, Foyth still does not know if he will have to pack his bags to go to Paris or if he will fly to London.’

On August 5th, when Sport Witness last covered reports from Argentina of the PSG move stalling, we said: ‘Foyth couldn’t really do much more to assist Tottenham. He’s holding off PSG, and despite his own club publicly announcing an agreed fee, he’s still not giving in.

Relatively cheap, young but experienced beyond his age, of interest to Pochettino this summer, seemingly of very good standing, it’s just so Tottenham.

Maybe this is all part of a wider plan which will see Tottenham return in a few days with an offer around €10m, made up of €5m upfront, some Premium Bonds, and a lottery ticket.’

And that’s still where it stands.

Maybe Davinson Sanchez is the bigger fish, or maybe Tottenham potentially have room for both players. For Foyth’s sake, let’s hope it’s the latter.