Brazilian outlet Esporte Interativo managed to interview Tottenham Hotspur’s Lucas Moura last night.

The 27-year-old scored the goal which gave Spurs a 2-0 lead against Olympiacos, but that wasn’t enough for the win, since the Greek side managed to equalise in the second half.

Speaking about the result, Lucas Moura claimed that his team became too ‘relaxed’, and that’s something they should improve on for upcoming matches.

“Happy, first, for the goal. But I think it’s a draw with a bitter taste. We opened 2-0. It’s very difficult to play here with a very hot environment, the fans push the team all the time. And we did the hardest, which was to score two goals. And then we relaxed a little, which can’t happen. We have to stay focused the whole game. We have to improve accordingly. I think at least taking a point home is also important.

Moura was asked about the upcoming game against Bayern Munich, and says that’s when they can’t repeat the same mistakes. Bayern will be a much tougher test, and Tottenham will need full concentration.

“I think we have to stay focused, as I said, the whole game. Use our intensity of play. And mainly do not make some mistakes that we have been making, especially after we open the scoring. We lose a lot of stupid balls sometimes, trying to force the play. We have to have a little more patience trying to finish the play.

“And against Bayern we should make as few mistakes as possible. Because it’s a very strong team, a fatal attack. If we make the same mistakes, they will take advantage. So at home we enjoy the factor of being playing in our stadium, with our fans, and not making mistakes as we have been doing.”

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Brazil will be soon calling up the national team squad, and even though the Tottenham player has recently been left out, he says he still has hope he’ll return.

“Hope is the last one that dies. We have to have hope, we always have to believe. And I always say that the national team, it’s always a privilege to wear that shirt and represent my nation. I know how hard it is, I know the competition, but I have to do my job, I have to do my part here.

“It’s the club that opened doors, which gave me the opportunity to play the Premier League, to keep playing the Champions League. And it’s a place I’m very happy at. So first I have to think about doing my role here, conquering my space. And the national teams, we always have to believe, if it comes, it will certainly be very welcome, I will do my best, and if not, I will continue working.”

Esporte Interativo also managed to interview Harry Kane after the match, asking him about Lucas Moura’s chances to get back to the national team.

The English striker said the obvious, insisting that Lucas is a player of great quality, but Brazil have many good footballers, and it’s not for him to decide.