German newspaper Bild today link Borussia Monchengladbach’s Matthias Ginter with both Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool.

The central defender’s contract with Gladbach expires in June 2022, so a decision needs to be made about his future. Expecting to play a role for Germany this summer at Euro 2022, Ginter wants time to think about his future, and presumably time for offers from others to come to him.

Bild state there’s a game of ‘contract poker’ ongoing, although it’s insisted the player won’t go into next season with less than a year on his contract. That means he either has to accept a new deal at some point this summer, or the Bundesliga club will look to sell him so they avoid missing out on a transfer fee.

The report then states: ‘With a market value of 35 million euros (, the national player is interesting for Tottenham (already made an offer for him) and Liverpool FC. Inter Milan is also interested in Ginter.’

There’s no indication of when Spurs made the offer, or what sort of offer it was, however, it would be assumed it must be recent for Bild to think it’s relevant. There’s no explanation on any efforts from Liverpool.