The claims are now coming quickly from Spain regarding Unai Emery’s rejection of the managerial vacancy at Newcastle United.

Starting off quite vague, with claims he didn’t want the job, but there seeming still a small chance things could change, the reports are now a lot more certain that the decision will be final.

Marca report that following Villarreal’s 2-0 Champions League victory over Young Boys, Emery telephoned Fernando Roig, the club’s president, at 1am to inform him that he’d be staying.

Roig and Emery had spoken before the match, but the manager wanted to make his position clear afterwards. Marca say there was no questioning Emery on any talks he’d had with Newcastle, just repeat expressions that Villarreal didn’t want to see him go.

His relationship with Roig and others, and the ‘very professional’ way the Spanish side is run, all helped in the decision making process.

On top of that, it would appear Newcastle United shot themselves in the foot. Marca say Emery had been under ‘suffocating pressure’ on Tuesday, as the claims came from England. He hadn’t liked that, especially ahead of such an important match for Villarreal.

‘Constant leaks’ from Newcastle had put Emery ‘in the eye of the hurricane’, with Marca stating: ‘The Basque coach did not like how the English media were giving details and airing rumours or fake news, such as meetings by videoconference or that it was decided that he would train on Thursday at St. James Park, or that on Saturday he would sit on the bench for the black and white team in the game against Brighton.’