The Swedish sports media are getting carried away with Pontus Jansson rumours.

A good example of that is Expressen. They report he’s set to leave Leeds United after falling out with Marcelo Bielsa.

However, they credit that to Aftonbladet, and a quick look there shows they, in turn, credit it to claims in England, so from not a lot this is being built up in Sweden.

Jansson has been training with Malmo, which isn’t especially unusual. The defender has done so multiple times before he’s been due at Leeds United, and also during other breaks.

His love for Malmo is well known, and he’s back there as often as possible. Given Jansson was involved in internationals this summer, with his last match coming on June 10th, an extended break isn’t a sign of trouble on its own.

Linked with Fulham this week, the footballer will be well aware he’s at the centre of a rumour storm. On previous occasions he’s taken steps to rubbish claims, but hasn’t appeared so eager to do so this time. Not yet anyway.

Aftonbladet say they contacted both the player and his agent for comment, and neither gave them anything. He also refused to speak to Expressen after Tuesday’s Malmo training.

The player’s brother, on his personal Twitter account, has, however, dismissed the idea of Bielsa trouble.

Pontus Jansson could kill all of this very easily, that he hasn’t yet is the one real significant point in all of it, the rest could just be smoke.