The transfer rumour mill is very cruel at times, and all there needs is for a tidbit of bad press to appear regarding a player and he’s already off somewhere else in the next window.

Unfortunately for Moise Kean at Everton, that’s exactly what’s happened after it was announced he had been fined and left out of the squad to face Southampton because he turned up late for a team meeting.

That, and a mixed start to the season, has led to speculating he could end up returning to Italy in the January transfer window.

Of course, they provide no concrete information to back this up, but explain that because teams like Sampdoria and Bologna are keen to make an ‘important coup’ on the market to bolster their attack for the second half of the season, they could try and bring the Everton player in on loan.

That’s it, yet they plaster the article with a big picture of Kean and ‘Returns to Serie A’ at the top, making you believe there’s more to it than there is.

There isn’t, and it very much feels like a case of taking two plus two and coming out with an answer between five and about 23.