‘Why do things at Sporting have to be so complicated?’

That’s the question we ask ourselves every time there’s a new controversy to be covered. We won’t lie, we love it, but it’s incredible how there’s a new big topic every month.

As some Leicester City fans should be following by now, there’s been some claims that Adrien Silva has accepted an offer from one of the candidates for Sporting’s presidential elections. 

The player has denied it, but both José Maria Ricciardi and his team have confirmed that there are negotiations with the midfielder going on, even though there have been no talks with the Premier League side yet.

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But as it was Adrien Silva’s official statement that made more noise last night, and in response Ricciardi felt the need to release his own words as well. An official statement was sent to Portugal’s major outlets, and the translation we’ve taken is based on A Bola’s story.

“Monday, September 3, around 11:30 am, there was a meeting between Jose Maria Ricciardi, Jose Eduardo, Marco Caneira and Adrien, at the headquarters of Lista B’s Campaign, at Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon. In this meeting, it was expressed by all those present, the desire to find a solution so that Adrien could return to Sporting.

“There was a tacit agreement in which it was made clear to all present, the full willingness expressed by Adrien to come to Alvalade, should our candidacy win, and as soon as Leicester releases him. This tacit agreement presupposes, in the case of the victory of Jose Maria Ricciardi, the need to establish contacts with Leicester, a club we respect very much, and to which Adrien is linked.

“We absolutely reject all the insinuations and falsehoods that have been made public for the reasons that the members of Sporting easily identify. For our part, we reiterate here to the Sportinguistas the firm commitment that we will do everything to bring to Sporting all the values that can contribute to its aggrandisement, including Adrien.”

Adrien Silva loves Sporting a great deal but even he must feel that a return to the club may be a stress he doesn’t need right now. If he has given the impression he’ll return, then he’s probably more than a little miffed that it’s turned into such a big story.