Mateusz Klich has been speaking to the Polish media again and, just like his Leeds United teammates also on international duty, the topic was mainly Marcelo Bielsa.

With Leeds at the top of the Championship the Bielsa gamble is certainly paying off so far, the club are making the sports news around the world for all the right reasons.

There’s a heightened interest because of the stature of Bielsa, and a genuine wish for the club to well and get back to the Premier League under their famous manager.

The success also brings an interest in just what Bielsa is doing, the method behind his magic and how the Leeds United squad feel about it all.

Klich has been quoted by Weszlo as saying about the good start: “Before the season, our fans saw Leeds in the lead, but they also did not expect us to start that way from the off. After six rounds, we’re leading, we have not lost yet. It looks really good. We surprised everyone and surprised ourselves.

“I’ve never been so successful at the beginning of the season. It promises to be interesting. If this continues, I’ll finish with 20 goals (laughs).”

Klich was then asked what’s the ‘magic button’ that Bielsa has pressed: “Everything I’ve done so far, I use more gas. This was the key attention of the trainer. Everything is fine, I have no problems with the ball, but I have to do everything with greater intensity. And he was right. As the central midfielder I combine attack with defence, I have to be everywhere. Coach Bielsa stresses that there is no reason why one should stop running on the pitch.”

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Asked if there’s lots of talks with the Leeds United manager, Klich said: “Generally, it’s a little with all of us. Sometimes he will get someone out of training for five minutes, explain what he does wrong in the exercise, he will say what he needs. Professional attention. When we lose at half time, there is no shouting in the locker room. 

“For fifteen minutes, he explains what we should improve to play better. Practically shows us where to run. I did not have a coach who would pay attention to such football and tactical details.”

It’s not all run-run-run, but that’s certainly a big part of it. Marcelo Bielsa has clearly succeeded in getting his Leeds United squad to buy into the methods, and judging by what they’re saying on international duty, it’s a happy camp at Elland Road.