Luis Enrique’s possible arrival at Chelsea continues to be taken very seriously in Spain.

Earlier today, we’ve already covered a story saying the manager could be ‘hours’ from being announced at the London side, and now the same outlet brings the details on the talks that have been on.

Sport claims the contacts were initiated more than a month ago, when club owner Roman Abramovich asked for a list of names of possible managers.

It’s said that Luis Enrique ended up being a positive name in all aspects. The first one is that Amrabovich doesn’t want the new boss to have any relation to the current squad, something that left Guus Hiddink out already.

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Other arguments that helped Abramovich to pick Luis Enrique is that the manager has shown he can work with important players, and is also trying to prove himself away from Barcelona.

According to Sport, Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia has been in talks with Luis Enrique for two weeks now. The negotiations are said to be going well, and the manager could debut for Chelsea against Barcelona in the Champions League.

The outlet insists Conte’s hours at Chelsea ‘seem counted’ as he ‘could be sacked at any time’. Now let’s see how long the club will take until they can find a deal with the number one name on their list.