In talks with the Bolivian press, the agent of Julio Cesar Torres’ continues to insist upon the midfielder’s transfer to Tottenham Hotspur.

Earlier today, we already covered an interview in which the agent said the player is joining Spurs on a one-year loan deal, and there was even a picture of the player signing his contract for the London side.

And it turns out that Gonzalo Anciar has also spoken to El Dia, and given more details of how the transfer has happened and what they expect of the player’s period with Tottenham.

“We followed up on Julio and we put together a folder that specifies his technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills, which we presented to agents. In the first instance, Valladolid in Spain were interested, but a French agent came in contact with Tottenham and we signed a pre-contract,” Gonzalo Anciar told El Dia.

“On April 28th we have to be in England so that for 15 days Julio can do all the analysis. Of that will depend his stay. The agent is taking care of the stay and will continue to do so if Julio gets to stay.”

These quotes don’t explain much, as it even sounds like he could be having a 15 day trial with Spurs. However, Anciar has already claimed the loan to be for one year, with Tottenham getting an option to buy.

El Dia also writes that Torres is only joining the Tottenham reserve squad because he wouldn’t be able to get a work permit so quickly, but the same rules would surely apply for both squads.

“We will be with him, we will accompany him and we hope he has a good ending,” said the agent.